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ETI is one of the leading travel insurance companies with its parent company EUROINS INSURANCE based in Bulgaria. EUROINS INSURANCE subsidiaries and branches are located in Romania, Greece, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Georgia, Spain, Italy and Poland. All the EUROINS INSURANCE companies hold leading positions in their respective local insurance markets, including travel insurance.

VUSO Insurance

VUSO: no risks It is among the 20 largest native insurance companies. It was the first who implemented and started developing online insurance services in Ukraine.

The benefits of booking with us

Insurance amount and tariffs are quoted immediately

You may issue and get an insurance policy without leaving your house

Universal payment methods are available (payment cards, Privat24, etc.)


Travel Insurance Online – Fast and Convenient

Get the best insurance policy for your trip from leading companies online. Select the insurance company, validity period and insurance policy type, pay for the service and get an e-insurance policy via your e-mail.

Buy at reasonable prices

The best prices of insurance policies for our clients, which are usually lower than those of insurers. Save your money and time! We are leaders among all online travel services.

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Order insurance for your trip

Do you need an emergency travel or visa insurance? You can buy an insurance policy for the trips to Poland or other European destinations on our website. If you need a medical insurance, you may order it online.

If you travel visa-free or use a Schengen visa, you can find any insurance on our website. Our team will help to find the needed insurance policy, check its price and make an order.

Online insurance policy issuance

In order to avoid any problems while your travel, we recommend that you issue the insurance policy in advance. It will take you a few minutes to make a purchase. You need to select the desired company, enter the desired validity period of the travel insurance and the number of people to be insured and click on the “Search” button. The system will offer you all affordable low-cost insurance policies. If you wish, you can view their price in different currencies. You also need to enter the information of the buyer of the insurance policy and the insured, enter your payment card details and confirm your order. The official insurance document will be forwarded to your email upon payment.

Insurance company selection

There are different insurance packages from leading insurance companies on the website:
  • – ETI is the international concern with headquarters in Germany. Its subsidiaries are located in Denmark, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Italy and other European cities;
  • – VUSO is the first Ukrainian company, which began to issue the insurance policies online.